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Bringing true gamification to fitness.


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Andy Hoang

CEO, Founder

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Inessa Karlinsky


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Amy Curry-Staschke


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Bao Ho



The strength of Aviron’s product and its unique gaming + fitness content has organically created one of the most engaged communities of believers in fitness.

Aviron was founded by Andy Hoang, an entrepreneur and high-intensity fitness enthusiast who saw an opportunity to end boring workouts once and for all.

When thinking about his own fitness goals, Andy saw a clear gap in the market: there existed no machine that offered the same rush and engagement as your favorite videogame. Bug Blaster is fun; workouts, not so much.

To address this gap, Andy and the Aviron team developed a best-in-class rowing machine that offers interactive and immersive gamified workouts. Aviron’s programs, which can be as quick as a couple of minutes, often cause users to forget that they are working out.

Today, Aviron has positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing fitness brands, selling through its own website and select retailers in Canada and the US.

The strength of Aviron’s product and its unique gaming + fitness content have organically created the most engaged community of believers in fitness.

Stripes became big believers in Aviron as a result of the company’s best-in-class physical and digital product, fanatical consumer base, stand-out team, and remarkable execution. Additionally, Stripes and the Aviron team immediately saw eye to eye on the opportunity ahead to invest aggressively in Aviron’s community, product, and immersive digital gaming + fitness content experience. We discovered a new love for working out during our diligence and are thrilled to be partners with Andy and the Aviron team as they continue to build the next iconic fitness brand!

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/February 2022 and has not been updated.