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Real-Time Conversation Guidance

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Real-time guidance, coaching, and QA is a leap forward for contact centers and Balto has built the complete platform to deliver better sales and support conversations.

Balto’s real-time guidance platform helps scale excellent conversations across the contact center. Without Balto, agents navigate binders of scripts and playbooks which result in holds, escalations, and frustrating customer experiences. Traditionally, to improve performance, agents receive ongoing coaching from a manager in a classroom setting. However, these sessions are disconnected from live interactions so best practices are often forgotten.

Balto listens to both sides of the conversation and makes suggestions in real-time on how agents can best handle situations that arise. For instance, Agents can leverage step-by-step prompts informed by company best practices to help them deliver helpful information and ask clarifying questions. By steering agents toward optimal behavior, Balto’s customers can increase sales conversions by over 20% and speed up support resolutions. Because Balto has insight into which conversations were successful, it has the data to continuously recommend playbook improvements and identify new best practices across the floor.

Real-time guidance is just the first stop on Balto’s journey to reinvent the contact center. With the release of Real-Time Coaching and Real-Time QA, Balto has built the complete platform for contact center agent performance and coaching. Stripes is excited to help the Balto team scale their category-defining company.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/August 2021 and has not been updated.