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Online Addiction Care

Telehealth addiction treatment


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Stephanie (Papes) Strong


Boulder's Amazing Product

Boulder is a virtual substance-use disorder treatment program helping reduce barriers to access life saving care. Boulder’s care model utilizes medically-assisted treatment (MAT) with a 5-person care team that is personalized to each patient, including a medical provider, care navigator, therapist, dietitian, and peer mentor. The business was founded in 2018 by Stephanie Strong, who was working with residential treatment facilities and saw patients struggling with access to proper & consistent care.

Drug overdoses are one of the leading preventable causes of death in the US and demand for substance use disorder treatment far outstretches the existing system’s capacity. Boulder’s intensive virtual approach unlocks access to quality treatment at scale with a virtual program that promotes long-term recovery and superior outcomes/retention compared to traditional community-based alternatives. After meeting Stephanie and the broader Boulder Care team, we were compelled by the life-changing impact Boulder’s program has on its current and former members, the financial impact for their payor partners, and how their focused approach has led to a strong word of mouth flywheel in their target markets.

We are excited to back Stephanie and the Boulder Care team as they continue to help substance use disorder patients achieve lasting recovery.