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Ed Walsh

Ed Walsh


Thomas Hazel

Thomas Hazel

Founder and CTO

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ChaosSearch delivers on the true promise of data lakes, instantly turning a company’s own cloud object storage into a hot, robust, streamlined analytics engine.

Chaossearch is a data analytics platform built to address the complexity of modern data storage and new requirements of the intelligence economy. Companies are frustrated with the complexity and cost of storing data with existing solutions. Chaossearch’s proprietary index compression technology significantly reduces the size of underlying data, resulting in considerably less storage and compute resources utilized. While the applications of this technology are numerous, Chaossearch is laser focused on tackling log management. Teams are using Chaossearch to scale their log analytics workflows at disruptive economics while preserving their existing workflows.

At Stripes, we have long been committed to backing founders building exceptional products. After hearing companies discuss their frustrations with existing solutions, Chaossearch’s promise of delivering a better, simpler, and more cost-effective solution felt unbelievable. When we heard multiple customers confirm that they were in fact delivering on this promise and more, we knew they had built a special product. The Chaossearch team is led by exceptional leaders who possess both experience and integrity. When we met CEO Ed Walsh and Founder and CTO Thomas Hazel, we were immediately impressed by their astute vision of achieving the true promise of delivering insights at scale. We are honored to be part of Chaossearch’s journey as they use their groundbreaking technology to challenge the status-quo of data access, performance, and scalability.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/December 2020 and has not been updated.