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Platform for Everyone in the Data-Powered Organization

Collaboration + Governance + Security


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Florian Douetteau



Dataiku removes barriers to achieving the promise of data science in the enterprise by automating processes and enabling seamless collaboration between users of all skill-sets

Dataiku removes barriers to achieving the promise of data science in the enterprise with a central workbench that seamlessly abstracts underlying infrastructure complexity while allowing data scientists and business analysts to work the way they want – whether coding in Jupyter notebooks, a drag-drop GUI, or consuming output in dashboards. This flexible approach keeps everyone on the same platform, making collaboration dramatically easier, boosting replicability, and removing barriers to knowledge transfer – ultimately leading to faster time to production and value. No other product on the market today combines the breadth, power, and inclusivity of Dataiku’s Data Science Studio while delivering the enterprise-class security and flexibility required for today’s modern environment.

Throughout our conversations with Dataiku’s CEO, Florian, now dating back several years, he has maintained a humble, but clear-eyed and convicted vision for the future of enterprise data science, and how enabling frictionless collaboration as part of a powerful, flexible and secure platform is a key to unlocking the full potential of the market. This seemingly simple concept is devilishly difficult to achieve – yet Dataiku has proven their ability to build a product that can address the complex needs of demanding technical data scientists, fast-moving business analysts, and everyone in-between – a testament to the intentional and elegant design of their product. We are very excited to have the opportunity to contribute our resources at Stripes to help Dataiku democratize data science for enterprises around the globe while building a world-class enterprise software company in the process.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/September 2020 and has not been updated.