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Science-rooted skincare solutions for hydration, nutrition, and regeneration.


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Barbara Sturm

CEO & Founder

Dr. Sturm has been a pioneer in clean clinical skincare, driven by her mission to improve the lives of her “patients” (a term she uses to describe her customers).

Stripes is a small minority investor in Dr. Barbara Sturm, a founder-run company led by its visionary namesake, Dr. Sturm. She began her medical career developing cutting-edge treatments for inflammatory conditions. Translating the science from her research career, Dr. Sturm opened her own aesthetic medical clinic, where she launched her famous treatments and bespoke creams and became one of the most sought-after aesthetic doctors in the world. She then began selling her products outside of her exclusive network of patients, generating global buzz, and in 2014, launched a full suite of skincare products that the biggest stars in Hollywood and the Stripes team swear by.

As consumer preferences shift towards clean, clinical skincare solutions that heal and prevent skin damage, consumers look to Dr. Barbara Sturm and her ingredient science approach to anti-inflammatory, anti-aging skincare. Dr. Sturm takes a health-driven approach to formulation, omitting harsh ingredients, preservatives, and synthetic fragrances typically found in luxury skincare. Today’s ever more discerning consumer can trust the potent, clinically studied ingredients in Sturm’s simple, yet highly effective products that provide hydration, nutrition, and regeneration.

Dr. Sturm has been a pioneer in clean clinical skincare and is driven by her mission to improve the lives of her "patients," a term she uses to describe her customers. Stripes built a relationship with Dr. Sturm for over two years prior to our investment, and we observed the fanatical cult following she and the brand amassed over time. Dr. Sturm chose to partner with Stripes due to our team’s expertise in scaling omnichannel branded consumer businesses and our ability to take an active role in digital strategy and team building. We are thrilled to partner with Barbara and the Sturm team as they continue to build the next iconic, global skincare brand and better consumers’ skin health.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/April, 2021 and has not been updated.