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Modular Ecommerce Architecture

Powering the Next Wave of Digital Commerce


Mike Micucci

Mike Micucci


Fabric enables merchants to access best-of-breed applications across their entire technology stack without requiring extensive developer resources, empowering them to compete effectively against digital titans.

Fabric offers a modular solution that is composed of several frontend and backend applications as well as an API layer designed to unify a merchant’s commerce experience across touchpoints. Before Fabric, merchants were forced to adopt legacy monolithic platforms that restrict customization and undergo lengthy replatforming processes.

Fabric’s solution is designed specifically to fit the needs of merchants looking for flexible ecommerce architecture without requiring extensive developer resources. It enables merchants to seamlessly choose any or all of Fabric’s pre-built modules and easily connect their existing infrastructure to Fabric’s platform.

We love their vision to build a platform that will democratize access to best-in-class digital architecture and empower merchants to compete effectively against the digital titans. With several notable customers already up and running, Fabric is well on its way to building a market defining platform for digital commerce.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/July 2021 and has not been updated.