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Digital health solution to help patients track, diagnose, and treat hypertension and other cardiac diseases.


Maayan Cohen CEO

Maayan Cohen

CEO, Founder

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Ziv Meltzer


HelloHeart’s Amazing Product

Hello Heart is the first dedicated digital health program that HR/benefits leaders at self-insured employers purchase to address hypertension and overall heart health among their employee populations. Patients engage with Hello Heart on an ongoing basis through its mobile application to track their blood pressure, BMI, medication, and other indicators of heart health.

Cardiac disease affects a shockingly high portion of the American population — 47% of adults suffer from hypertension, and cardiovascular conditions are the chronic disease driving the highest share of spend across the U.S. healthcare system. However, as disease-specific digital health solutions have exploded in terms of both new company innovation and employer adoption over the past 5-10 years, cardiology has been largely overlooked.

Unlike most digital options in the market that focus on addressing hypertension as a secondary element of other disease states such as diabetes, Hello Heart provides a dedicated solution focused exclusively on cardiac care. More importantly, existing solutions have not delivered the type of engaging, well designed product offering that can really move the needle on this crucially important problem.

There is substantive clinical research supporting Hello Heart’s ability to improve patient outcomes while reducing associated employer medical costs. According to a recent peer-reviewed study published in JAMA, 84% of Hello Heart users with baseline blood pressure over 140/90 saw sustained reductions in blood pressure for up to three years. Building off exceptional patient engagement and clinical results, we believe Hello Heart is well positioned to expand their product into a whole heart health solution.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/April 2022 and has not been updated.