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Katalyst Founder CEO Bjoern E Woltermann

Bjoern Woltermann

Founder, CEO

Katalyst was founded to democratize elite fitness using EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology. Anyone can purchase a Katalyst suit on the Company’s website, which has a 50,000+ person waitlist to purchase the product.

Katalyst was founded by Bjoern Woltermann, an entrepreneur who initially discovered Katalyst’s underlying EMS (electro muscle stimulation) technology to fix his chronic back pain.

Bjoern used EMS technology to radically strengthen his core without loading his joints and fix his back pain. Bjoern became obsessed with EMS technology and started to use it to train his whole body. With EMS, he could get in a workout equivalent to 2-3 hours of weightlifting in just 20 minutes with no joint impact or injury risk.

Bjoern saw an opportunity to bring the efficacy, efficiency, and safety of an EMS workout to consumers around the world in a delightful at-home form factor. The Katalyst suit is revolutionary, and the Stripes team has been using the product to achieve our fitness goals.

Stripes first fell in love with Katalyst as customers of the Company’s uniquely powerful and effective product. Stripes and Katalyst were deeply aligned from day one on the opportunity to invest in Katalyst’s product, customer education, and immersive digital experience. We are thrilled to partner with Bjoern and the Katalyst team as they build a fitness brand that will radically improve the safety and efficacy of how we all work out.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/October 2022 and has not been updated.