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Helping businesses improve the way they manage and engage employees

AI-powered workforce management


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Sanish Mondkar

CEO & Founder


Founded in Silicon Valley in 2016, Legion provides a modern workforce management platform for large enterprise companies across sectors with hourly, shift-based employees. The Company’s product helps customers in verticals including retail, restaurant, hospitality, fitness, healthcare, and logistics to optimize labor budgets while driving employee engagement.

Legion is emerging as the best enterprise workforce management platform. The modern, cloud-based solution has a modern, easy-to-use interface for managers and employees to use on any device. Legion’s AI-powered platform dynamically forecasts labor demand and sets compliant schedules considering complex, federal and local labor laws.

Stripes identified Legion as a market disruptor with a superior product in an essential software category, currently dominated by a handful of market incumbents. After proving the product with many middle-market customers, Legion took on the daunting task of competing with the market leaders for enterprise customers. After winning several large customers, it was clear that Legion’s Founder and CEO, Sanish Mondkar, had built a product with superior functionality that was also intuitive to use. Sanish was the former Chief Product Officer of SAP and Former EVP of Product at Ariba. Through his experience building software for major enterprises, he discovered his customers’ dissatisfaction with their workforce management software. The interesting market dynamics coupled with Sanish and his team’s proven ability to build a great, enterprise product got us excited from day one.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/September 2020 and has not been updated.