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IoT Reliability at Scale

The first IoT reliability platform for debugging, monitoring, and updating connected devices on any hardware.


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François Baldassari


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Christopher Coleman


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Tyler Hoffman

Head of Developer Experience

Memfault's innovative platform is defining the IoT reliability category.

Memfault enables IoT developers to proactively monitor any connected device in real-time. Memfault’s product gives full visibility down to the firmware of devices to help developers identify top bugs, usability metrics, device performance, and more. The platform supports any operating system and hardware configuration, and its SDK uniquely lets users implement telemetry over the air, even after a device is already in the field.

With Memfault, developers can automate time-consuming firmware debugging steps and resolve issues in development or in the field. Memfault also empowers developers to remotely ship secure, scalable firmware updates over the air to devices on an individual, cohort, or fleetwide basis to troubleshoot bugs and improve end-user experience.

The information noted above is representative as of January 2023 and has not been updated since.