Modern, Authentic Chinese food

Serving restaurant-quality Chinese food at home.


Caleb Wang

Caleb Wang

CEO & Co-Founder

Jennifer Liao

Jennifer Liang

President & Co-Founder

MìLà's Amazing Product

MìLà (formerly XCJ) was founded in 2018 by husband-and-wife duo, Caleb Wang and Jen Liao. MìLà started as restaurant passion project after years of frustrating searches for honest representations of their favorite Chinese street food in the US. The Seattle-based fast-casual concept flourished, but the pandemic forced them to innovate; instead of serving hot takeout meals, they started freezing batches of handmade soup dumplings and making local deliveries.

Word (and demand) spread like wildfire: MìLà found instant product-market-fit nationwide as consumers became obsessed with the restaurant-quality soup dumplings that were delicious and easy to make. Since launching, MìLà has expanded the offering of frozen Chinese food to include noodles, skewers, and sauces, with an exciting product innovation pipeline to come.

Stripes Support

For Stripes, it was love at first bite. MìLà blew us away with their delicious products and inspired us with their deeply authentic brand. Stripes and MìLà were perfectly aligned from day one around the opportunity to build a preeminent Chinese food brand and reach more households across the country.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/March 2023 and has not been updated.