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Small Business Bank

Modern No-fee Small Business Banking Platform


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Michael Rangel

Founder, CEO

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Tyler McIntyre

Founder, CTO

Novo enables small business owners to save time and money by offering a simple yet powerful banking platform with zero fees.

Novo offers a comprehensive and free banking solution designed to serve as the financial hub for small businesses. Novo’s platform includes virtual/physical debit cards, invoice management, bill pay, ATM withdrawals, and international payments, all of which are accessible via Novo’s mobile app or via desktop. Unlike traditional banks, Novo charges no monthly fees, has no minimum account balances, enables entrepreneurs to set up and manage their accounts digitally, and has excellent customer service.

Novo’s solution is specifically designed to fit the needs of small businesses that are looking for powerful yet simple solutions to help manage their finances. Novo has created a robust ecosystem of integrations, which allows Novo to provide entrepreneurs with a centralized dashboard to track and manage their financial health.

We love their vision to serve as the core financial layer for their customers and empower small business owners to better manage their financial health. With customers raving about the platform’s powerful features and easy-to-navigate interface, Novo is well on its way to building a market-defining financial platform for small businesses.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/January 2022 and has not been updated.