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Detect and prioritize cloud security risks.


Gil Geron

Gil Geron

CEO & Co-Founder

James Love

James Love


The cloud is the next critical attack surface and Orca gives teams deep visibility and highly relevant alerts without agents.

Companies are rapidly transitioning to the cloud, yet incumbent security solutions weren’t architected for an environment where workloads are constantly changing, and assets are spun-up and torn-down on demand.

Orca has built the leading solution for cloud security. With their proprietary SideScanning technology, Orca gathers rich information about what’s happening in the cloud environment to identify vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, malware, and other risk factors. Orca not only identifies these issues but also prioritizes them based on their expected ‘blast radius.’

Orca achieves this without agents, which naturally have coverage gaps in the cloud. Teams can deploy Orca and achieve deep visibility into their cloud within hours.

The cloud is the next critical attack surface and cloud security can have an impact on the order of endpoint and network scanning. With a talented and product-driven team, Orca is poised to become a category-defining company and we’re excited to help them lead the way.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/October 2021 and has not been updated.