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Rewriting the American underwear story.


Cami Téllez

Cami Téllez


Parade’s mission is to rewrite the American underwear story through creative basics that celebrate self-expression.

Parade was founded in 2018 by Cami Téllez, who grew up going to the mall in the age of Victoria’s Secret. While she saw the “Angels” plastered on advertisements and hosting annual televised fashion shows, she wasn’t a fan. Over the years, she saw an industry that was increasingly overwrought with sex appeal. To Cami, the seductive imagery and male-gaze-focused product forced a standard of beauty that excluded people who looked at all different. There was a massive disconnect between the overly sexy imagery and the modern consumer: Cami and her friends.

Tired of seeing more of the same, Cami founded Parade, a creative basics brand with a selection of affordable and sustainable products for today’s consumer. Parade currently offers underwear and bralettes in a range of colors, styles and sizes that celebrate a new definition of “sexy” rooted in self-expression and inclusivity. Parade immediately resonated with its consumers: since launching in 2018, Parade has sold over two million pairs reaching over 300,000 customers across the US. One in ten customers post on social in their Parade, not just because they love the product, but because they believe in what Parade stands for: inclusivity, sustainability and social good. Every pair of Parade underwear is made from sustainable materials and every sale supports a national or local non-profit organization. In a short period of time, Parade has fostered a vibrant and engaged community of young women connecting over a new, shared set of values.

After meeting Cami, we were immediately impressed by her vision for the brand and the strength of the Parade community. In 2021, Parade chose to partner with Stripes because of our experience growing online and offline businesses and our ability to take an active role in omnichannel strategy and team-building. We are thrilled to partner with Cami and the Parade team to rewrite the American underwear story.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/September 2021 and has not been updated.