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Aaron Matos Paradox

Aaron Matos

Founder & CEO

Paradox’s conversational AI platform dramatically enhances HR productivity with a consumer-like experience for candidates and workflow automation tools for recruiters.

Founded in 2016, Paradox’s platform allows recruiting teams to automate candidate screening, meeting scheduling, Q&A, and onboarding communications. It offers a superior, mobile-first experience for candidates and significantly reduces the amount of manual work involved for recruiters, handling the entire process from first contact to interview.

Talent acquisition has become a mission-critical need as companies across various industries are struggling with staffing amid the tight labor market, particularly in the hourly segment, leading to reduced operating hours, higher overtime, and lost revenue opportunities. Labor market tightness is expected to be a challenge for many years, with structural economic changes like widening skills gaps, skyrocketing gig employment, and accelerated retirement here to stay.

Paradox is well-positioned to help companies lower the burden on recruiting teams, reduce time to hire, lower cost to hire, and improve candidate conversion and retention rates. Talent teams spend 80% of their time on administrative work – Paradox automates these administrative tasks at scale, from scheduling interviews to automated reminders to candidate screening. Stripes is thrilled to partner with Paradox as they continue transforming the recruiting process.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/December 2021 and has not been updated.