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Virtual Maternity Care

Digital health solution improving access to and quality of maternal and post-partum care across Medicaid and Commercial populations.


Marta Bralic Kerns

Marta Bralic Kerns

CEO & Founder

Pomelo's Amazing Product

Pomelo offers personalized, comprehensive maternal & fetal care built on a modern technology platform. This includes a care team of dieticians, nurses, midwives, primary care physicians, therapists, lactation specialists, and more to address underlying factors that lead to pregnancy complications. Patients interact with Pomelo virtually through a combination of their personalized app that tracks key healthcare indicators and remote texts/chats with their care team.

There are four main drivers that lead to average spend per pregnancy being higher in the US compared to other developed nations — preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, prenatal hypertension, and cesarean deliveries — all of which are preventable. Pomelo's solution is designed to specifically address these four drivers using research-backed practices that improve outcomes and decrease costs by tracking key data and driving interventions before complications arise. Early results suggest that Pomelo has the potential to significantly improve care access and quality of care. Because of this, Pomelo has seen strong traction with large, national health plans.

Patients love Pomelo Care – the product is amazing. They receive 24/7 access to a helpful and supportive care team to answer their questions and address their concerns, all at zero cost to them. This continuous support is crucial during a highly stressful and worrying time, especially considering only 64% of women on Medicaid, the population Pomelo Care focuses on today, receive adequate care during their pregnancy. Pomelo Care has consistently driven best-in-class patient engagement, retention, and satisfaction.

With their current momentum, we believe Pomelo Care is well-positioned to expand their product to continue supporting better outcomes for mothers and babies before and after birth. By leveraging their existing technology and comprehensive care model, Pomelo Care is on a clear path toward enhancing their clinical capabilities and continuing to build valuable partnerships to support patients throughout maternity.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/June 2024 and has not been updated.