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Premium bagel concept with inventive schmears


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Adam Goldberg

CEO & Founder

Popup Bagels Amazing Product

Popup Bagels was founded by Adam Goldberg in 2020 when Adam’s COVID-19 pandemic baking turned to bagels. Word of Adam’s bagels rapidly spread across the broader Connecticut and New York areas as consumers set their timers for Popup’s weekly pre order bagel drops.

The demand for Popup Bagels led Adam to focus full-time on growing Popup Bagels into a premium national bagel brand with weekly pre order sales across Connecticut, New York, and Massachusetts. Popup Bagels found instant product-market-fit as consumers in and beyond Connecticut became obsessed with Popup’s crispy on the outside and light on the inside bagels paired with innovative and unique schmears (from scallion and plain to cinnamon roll and cacio e pepe). Popup’s bagels and schmears have received exceptional consumer love and engagement nationally driven by social media love and excitement around the brand and product.

At Stripes, we started buying Popup Bagels on Sundays to share with our friends and family and quickly started buying for team breakfasts at the office. As we closely tracked Popup and spent time with Adam, it was clear he had the focus and ability to consistently deliver amazing products in a beloved category that has been slow to innovate. As we spent time with Adam, we quickly aligned on the vision to support Adam and team in building a national brand that lifts up the bagel category and delights consumers across the US.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/October 2023 and has not been updated.