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Iddo Gino

CEO & Founder


Sasha Pesic


With millions of developers connecting to thousands of APIs via its marketplace and leading companies using its Enterprise Hub, RapidAPI is the natural solution to power modern API development both within and across companies.

Founded in 2015, RapidAPI has built a marketplace that enables millions of developers to discover, test, and connect to thousands of APIs so they can build applications faster. With RapidAPI, developers and their teams can also manage all their APIs via a single account and API key, making it easy to handle billing and consumption at scale.

As RapidAPI has grown its marketplace, the company has innovated on how APIs are documented, published, and governed. These same features are essential for teams and enterprises who want to share the APIs they build internally, publicly, or with specific partners and customers, making RapidAPI an even more critical part of a company’s technology stack. RapidAPI also acquired Paw to expand its API design capabilities and launched RapidAPI testing, all in an effort to ensure it could support its customers with best-in-class functionality across every aspect of the API management lifecycle.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/April 2021 and has not been updated.