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Reinventing Sales Performance Management

Automate commission calculation and motivate salespeople.


Jeron Paul

Jeron Paul

CEO & Founder


Spiff deeply understands sales performance and has built the platform to automate commissions, motivate salespeople, and build a culture around revenue.

Spiff automates sales commission calculation and compensation planning. Without Spiff, finance and sales teams are stuck with manual, error-prone spreadsheets or legacy software solutions which require extensive professional services. Companies with large salesforces are dedicating employees to maintaining these systems and reconciling errors.

Spiff’s solution is flexible enough to work across industries and commission plans and simple enough that it can be managed without having to speak with support. Striking the balance of flexibility and simplicity has traditionally made the commissions problem hard to solve.

Spiff’s vision extends beyond commission calculation. Spiff helps teams model sales plans, which drive core strategic decisions around hiring and forecasting. As the go-to platform for commissions, Spiff has the opportunity reinvent Sales Performance Management from the ground up, and Stripes is excited to help the team realize this vision.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/May 2021 and has not been updated.