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Formal Wear For the Moment

Online premium suit and tuxedo rental.


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Andrew Blackmon

Co-Founder & CEO


Andrew and Patrick were quietly building a powerful men’s brand anchored by an exceptional product and superior customer experience.

The Black Tux was founded in 2013 by Andrew Blackmon and PatrickCoyne to provide a tuxedo and suit rental experience that was betterthan what they had experienced in preparing for Andrew’s wedding. Theysought to create a service that was equal parts convenient, stylish andaffordable in an industry dominated by stale incumbents and lackingappeal to their own demographic of millennial men. In creating TheBlack Tux, they addressed the opportunity in the market by offering acontemporary and high quality selection of suits and a convenient onlineordering platform with lower prices than their retail competitors.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/October 2019 and has not been updated.

Stripes identified The Black Tux throughour internal sourcing efforts, trackedclosely and was introduced through ournetwork. In doing our work and speakingwith customers, it was clear Andrew andPatrick were quietly building a powerfulmen’s brand anchored by an exceptionalproduct and superior customer experience.When it came time to choosing a partner,Stripes’ experience in scaling businessesand brand-building, specifically withineCommerce, appealed to Andrew andPatrick. We’re thrilled to partner with The Black Tux team on their journeyto fulfill their vision of creating a next-generation formal wear brand.