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Tom Livne

Tom Livne

CEO & Co-Founder


Verbit is the optimal solution for any transcription use case that requires near-perfect accuracy

Founded in 2016, Verbit was created to provide enterprises with the best platform for high accuracy transcription (speech-to-text). Verbit’s platform combines modern speech recognition technology and industry-specific machine learning models to automate most of any given transcription with high accuracy. The transcript is then reviewed and edited by a curated network of active freelance transcribers to quickly achieve near perfect accuracy at a lower cost than manual, incumbent solutions. Verbit’s market-leading technology is already deployed by companies in the legal, education, media, and government sectors with customers raving about its complete platform and integrations, exceptional customer service, and secure content storage.

Stripes first met Verbit’s CEO and Co-founder Tom Livne in 2018. Over the course of the next year, we were very impressed by the team’s execution as they consistently surpassed their ambitious goals and quickly gained traction in new verticals and geographies. When they decided to raise growth capital, Tom and the Verbit team chose to work with Stripes due to our team’s experience scaling growth stage SaaS companies through our recruiting, operational, and business development capabilities. We are very excited to partner with Tom and the Verbit team as they continue to solve transcription globally across all professional industries.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/January 2020 and has not been updated.