Smallest Dog

DAY 1 1687


Abby is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel born in rural Pennsylvania who now lives in the West Village. Despite her regal roots, she is down to earth and enjoys chasing birds and squirrels as much as any other dog. When not stalking NYC wildlife, Abby likes to nap and eat ice cubes. While Abby oftentimes shows up late, turns in sloppy work, and dozes off during meetings, she is considered by many to be a star performer and expects to take Bruni’s spot as top dog shortly.

If you get bored of Bruni’s Instagram, you can follow Abby here: @abble_dabbles.

"Bruni smells"


Mini tennis balls, odor free bully sticks, anything on Bravo.


N/A, Planning on taking a Udemy class soon.

DAY 1 1687