Mixed Dog

Bowie headshot 72dpi


Genetically Diverse Dog Bowie is a “Super Mutt” who’s journey from a rescue in Tennessee led him to the Big Apple. He now resides in Prospect Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn where he takes his title of ‘Prospect Park Explorer’ very seriously. When he’s not napping at home with his cat sister you can find him sniffing in the wooded paths and wrestling in the fields with his dog friends. He's not at the office often as he prefers a WFH lifestyle, but when he is at Stripes you can find him wandering around looking for any ounce of attention and shamefully begging for snacks.

Did someone say Treat?!?


Wearing bandanas for adventures, stopping for multiple coffees a day at the local shop for treats, Prospect Park Exploring, Hiking, WWE style wrestling with friends, and generally looking cute for snacks.


Dogtorate in Sad Eye Manipulation

Bowie headshot 72dpi