Hypoallergenic Dog

DAY 1 1717


Hunter is a Wheaton Terrier-Poodle mix (Whoodle) born in Iowa on August 9, 2015. He moved to Riverdale, NY in the fall of 2015. Although Hunter completed his basic obedience training and tried doggy day care in Manhattan, he quickly realized that he wanted to pursue a rigorous schedule of long morning park outings with his neighborhood pals and spending his day watching romantic comedies and The Great British Baking show. He prefers a flexible schedule and makes appearances at the office when he is in the neighborhood for a haircut, shopping at boutique pet food stores, or consulting on market research for all things dog food and treat related.

"That's my toy"


Weekend hikes to hit his 10k daily step goal, Bagels with extra cream cheese, Learning new tricks and earning string cheese treats, Anything with cheese

DAY 1 1717