Cutest Dog

Milestones: Milestones:

Possibly the only Cavalier in the world who loves dogs even more than he loves humans

Once got a cavapoo who had not played with any other dogs in 7 years to play with him

Once chased a bird down the entire block

One of his best friends is a 100-lb Bernese Mountain Dog



Ollie, the second Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to join the Stripes team, hails from rural Virginia. Now a city dog, Ollie walks through the streets of Manhattan with the confidence of a German Shepherd and graciously takes the time to personally greet every human, dog and bird that look his way.

Ollie is a true country boy at heart, though, and he is at his happiest when rolling around in, running through, and eating a fresh patch of grass. You won’t catch Ollie in the office every day. He opts for “part-time” so that his colleagues can get some work done when he’s not around.

If you scratch my belly I’ll scratch your’s!


Being with his humans, chasing birds, doing tricks, munching on ice cubes and anything that resembles food, playing with his one true love, Abby.


Ruff State University