Software March 2, 2022

The Mobile Work App for Everyone: Our Investment in Connecteam

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Running a business is hard and at times overwhelming. Since Covid, small businesses have faced challenges around operating remotely and managing employees, all in an environment with an increasing resignation rate. There’s never been a more important time for small businesses to manage their workforces effectively. As business owners rise to the occasion, they need tools designed specifically for their needs.

The shift off pen and paper is accelerating as workers expect the tools they use every day to be simple, intuitive, and delightful. Companies want to do more with software and are increasingly looking for a unified product where they can operate their business.

Connecteam’s Solution

Connecteam is an ‘All-in-One’ employee app for scheduling, communication, task management, forms, and training. As mobile-first from Day 1, Connecteam is built for the channel that deskless workers prefer.

Employees use Connecteam daily to chat with their team, manage their tasks, clock in and out, and more. Business owners use Connecteam as their core operating system across operations, communications, and human resources. Importantly, the product is simple enough that anyone can sign up and self-onboard in minutes. Customers we spoke with are also delighted by how easy Connecteam is for non-technical users. A manager can create a checklist in a few clicks.

The frictionless experience encourages many businesses to adopt a dedicated software solution for the first time, replacing email, WhatsApp, spreadsheets, and pen and paper. It’s also flexible enough to be used across industries including retail, field service, hospitality, healthcare, and manufacturing. Ultimately, Connecteam is the fabric upon which SMBs run.

Stripes Leads Connecteam’s $120M Series C

We’re excited to partner with Connecteam as they help small businesses and deskless teams around the world perform their very best.

Connecteam has the right product for this problem and, with customers in over 90 countries, has a global opportunity to change how businesses communicate and operate. The no-touch sign up, numerous use cases, and global audience are the perfect combination for Connecteam to grow rapidly with a performance marketing engine.

At Stripes, we believe small businesses deserve the best tools, talent, and infrastructure, which has driven our investments in, Pleo, Oyster, and Novo. Like, Connecteam is unlocking an enormous market and transforming work by offering a simple and affordable product with richer functionality than small businesses are accustomed to. B2B software is often complex and designed exclusively for the enterprise, while SMB software often just tackles a point solution, like scheduling.

We got to know Amir and Connecteam over the course of several months and were impressed with their ambition and rapid execution. From our conversations, it was immediately clear that they are incredibly thoughtful about serving a global audience with a true All-in-One product.

Connecteam has an opportunity to build a product that millions of people use daily, and we’re excited to support them every step of the way!

Connecteam blog