Software June 10, 2021

The Radically Approachable WorkOS: Our Continued Support of

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We're thrilled to congratulate Roy, Eran, and the entire team on their IPO, a significant milestone on their path to transform how organizations around the world drive the core functionality of their business. This journey is just beginning and we're excited to remain supporters as the team continues their impressive march to redefine how people work. unlocked an enormous market opportunity with intuitive, easy to use software that was also incredibly flexible and equally powerful. When we first met Roy and Eran in 2016, they saw clearly that the vast majority of the world’s population values radical simplicity in the technology they use on a day-to-day basis and they had already identified a massive untapped market opportunity to create a 'WorkOS' built specifically with this mainstream audience in mind.

Small businesses are the backbone of the global economy, driving more than half of global value added (ie. wages, profits, and taxes), but too often they are ignored by technology vendors who prefer to market their innovation to large enterprises at high prices. By making its powerful software radically intuitive and accessible to small businesses everywhere at a very low price, breaks this mold, driving increased scalability and opportunity for its customers.

Since we led the Series C in early 2018, we’ve had a front row seat to flawless execution that got better with scale. Marrying it’s radically intuitive software with a deep understanding of how to scale cross-channel performance marketing around the world and a transparent, data-driven culture, grew rapidly with incredible efficiency.

The product became more powerful, adding a seemingly unlimited number of board views, automations, and integrations to capture an increasing number of use cases while simultaneously remaining dead simple to use. While performance marketing remains a critically important piston in the go-to-market engine, inside sales and partnerships were added to accelerate growth and continue a steady march upmarket.

We can't wait to see where goes next and we're excited to bring the learnings from the journey so far to the next generation of ambitious founders looking to empower businesses around the globe. Congrats to the entire team on the IPO!

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