Software July 28, 2022

User Management for Modern SaaS Apps: Our Investment in Frontegg

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The market opportunity in software has never been clearer - Gartner forecasts software spending will surpass $900B in 2023, and the largest 20 public SaaS stocks have a combined market cap of more than $1T.

However, building a SaaS application is still incredibly difficult. For example, functionality as fundamental as user management to authenticate and manage users can take a team of developers months to build, and even more effort to maintain. Today’s business users want a sign-up and login experience that mirrors their favorite consumer apps, and account admins need to seamlessly add new users and roles to manage their ever-changing workforce. Meanwhile, amidst rising buyer expectations and pressure from competition, development teams know they can’t afford to waste any time building functionality that doesn’t drive their unique competitive advantage.

Frontegg’s Solution

Frontegg provides user management infrastructure for B2B SaaS applications to scalably handle their full user journey, from signup to subscription. With Frontegg, development teams get everything their customers need to onboard and manage their user base “as a service”, including sign-up, login, and subscription enforcement. Frontegg also offers advanced modules to help its customers close bigger deals faster, including SSO support, role-based access control, a self-serve UI so account admins can add new users, and much more.

Frontegg’s APIs and platform already power the user management infrastructure for more than 150 B2B SaaS companies across the globe, including rapidly growing startups and Fortune 100 companies, such as Datadog, Materialize, and Frontegg’s platform is secure, reliable, and multi-tenant by default, making it a uniquely strong fit for B2B SaaS applications looking to manage customer accounts with multiple users.

Stripes Leads Frontegg’s $40M Series B

We discovered Frontegg after noticing that their user management infrastructure had enabled some of the fastest-growing companies in our portfolio to beat their competitors to market and close larger enterprise deals. As we spoke with more Frontegg customers, we consistently heard rave reviews - Frontegg had an average NPS of 70, and one customer told us if he found out a peer had built user management in-house, he’d delete their code and switch them to Frontegg.

When we met with Frontegg’s CEO Sagi Rodin and CTO Aviad Mizrachi, their vision for simplifying user management at scale blew us away. Sagi and Aviad built much of the user management infrastructure at Check Point, and after doing deeper technical diligence on Frontegg’s product, it became difficult for us to imagine why any modern SaaS business wouldn’t eventually use it.

We’re thrilled to partner with Frontegg as they leverage their amazing product to define the user management category. User management is foundational for the hundreds of thousands of businesses building B2B SaaS applications. However, most don’t want to pay a team of developers 6 to 7-figures to build and maintain something that doesn't contribute to their competitive advantage. At maturity, we believe user management has the potential to be a multi-$B category, and we’re confident that Frontegg has the product, team, and roadmap to win.

We look forward to working with Sagi, Aviad, and the entire Frontegg team on the journey ahead!

Frontegg blog