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Tony Jamous

CEO & Founder


Oyster’s powerful software platform drastically reduces the cost and complexity of international hiring, and their remote-readiness certification program ensures that employers and employees can find ideal matches.

Oyster abstracts the complexity of international employment with a powerful software platform that manages the process end-to-end simply and cost-effectively. It empowers companies to seamlessly hire and onboard employees in over 90 countries while avoiding the time-consuming processes of email chains and phone calls.

For candidates in search of remote work opportunities, Oyster provides a remote-readiness certification program as well as connections with fast-growing startups to ensure that employers and employees can find ideal matches.

We have been amazed by Oyster’s vision of a product-driven global HR platform and their commitment to building a mission driven organization to promote a more diverse and prosperous workforce of the future. As the world continues to become more interconnected, Oyster has the opportunity to reinvent global hiring, and Stripes is excited to partner with the Oyster team as they build a market defining platform for global HR.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/June 2021 and has not been updated.