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Pond5 is the world’s largest video-first content marketplace, with over 30 million royalty-free video clips, plus millions of music tracks, sound effects, images, and more.

Pond5 strives to create world-class storytellers by providing creators of all types with the content they need to tell stories, share knowledge, and inspire audiences. Driven by a commitment to its passionate and growing global community of more than 100,000 professional visual and audio artists, Pond5 provides a platform where creative work can flourish, and artists can make a sustainable living with industry-leading revenue shares. Paired with its vast collection of content, Pond5 offers a best-in-class search experience that makes it fast and easy for creators to find exactly what they need. Every purchase also includes a broad, flexible license covering everything from YouTube videos to Super Bowl ads.

Pond5 serves the needs of creators across industries—from individual users to major corporations. The marketplace attracts media clients including Netflix, Disney, and BBC, advertising agencies like Leo Burnett and Wieden & Kennedy, and a growing roster of emerging video artists on sites like YouTube and throughout social media platforms. In addition to the growing list of individual contributors uploading content, Pond5 offers clips from major collections such as Reuters, the Associated Press, and NFL Films.

When raising its first institutional capital, Pond5 chose to partner with Stripes given our deep experience working with digital media and marketplace businesses. We are excited to partner with Pond5 and its team on the next phase of their journey in building the world’s most vibrant, artist-friendly marketplace for creativity.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/September 2019 and has not been updated.