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All-natural raw pet food

Provider of all-natural raw pet food and kibble.


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An authentic brand with a differentiated, healthy, all natural product and a proprietary supply chain.

In 2003, Stella & Chewy’s was founded by Marie Moody after she had rescued a very sick dog, Chewy, from an animal shelter. Based on a veterinarian’s advice, Marie began feeding Chewy only a raw diet comprised of meat, fruits and vegetables, and he and Marie’s other dog, Stella, thrived on this raw diet. Having witnessed the positive health impact this diet had on her pets, Marie started producing raw pet food in Wisconsin and selling it door-to-door to local New York City pet stores.

Since founding, Stella & Chewy’s has become a leading natural pet food brand in the rapidly-growing, super-premium freeze-dried and frozen segments. The Company’s expanding product portfolio, including dinners for dogs, dinners for cats, and treats for dogs, is now available to consumers nationally in 3,800+ specialty pet retailers. Stella & Chewy’s high quality products are manufactured exclusively in its dedicated manufacturing plant in Milwaukee using a patented food safety process.

After getting to know Marie Moody, Stella & Chewy’s founder, Stripes fell in love with the Company – an authentic brand with a differentiated, healthy, all natural product and a proprietary supply chain. While the Company wasn’t seeking investors, Marie chose to partner with Stripes given our combination of entrepreneurial operating abilities, the ability to provide growth capital and our domain expertise related to rapidly growing branded consumer companies.

Karen Kenworthy, Ken Fox and prior operating partner Ron Doornink are on the Board of Stella & Chewy’s and continue to work actively with Management to help support the continued rapid growth of such differentiated, “feel good” pet brand.

The information noted above is representative as of the time noted/October 2019 and has not been updated.