Consumer January 15, 2020

Revolutionizing Conventional Beauty: Our Investment in Kosas Cosmetics

Kosas TFO 3 5 Jessica 0598 2

Over the last decade, there has been a huge shift in behavior as consumers become increasingly focused on personal health and wellness. As consumers, we have watched this movement play out across categories: we care deeply about what we eat, what we wear, and even what we feed our pets. We seek simple ingredients and more transparency without sacrificing quality, efficacy, or convenience. As investors, we have partnered with companies like Siete FoodsErewhonReformation, and Stella & Chewy’s that are disrupting large markets with better, cleaner products.

It's no surprise that the same shift is occurring in beauty. We turn around products, read their labels, and avoid potentially harmful ingredients. Notably, there has been a lack of regulation around the US beauty industry, with the last legislation passed in 1938. And while Europe currently restricts or bans over 1,300 ingredients for use in personal care products, the US FDA only restricts 11. Harmful preservatives and ingredients exist in beauty for a reason: formulating without these conventional ingredients is extremely difficult.

Kosas is Changing the Game for Beauty

In 2015, Sheena Yaitanes founded Kosas with a unique vision to redefine how products are produced, applied, and shared with consumers. From day one, Sheena’s mission has been to create clean formulas that are easy to use, universally flattering, and offer functional skincare benefits. That’s why Kosas is a line of “makeup for skincare freaks.” It is an elevated, skin-nourishing collection of makeup essentials with a bold point of view. Today, Kosas offers tinted face oils, lip balms, blush, highlighters, liquid eyeshadows, and lip oils – and they’re innovating quickly to launch more products for our everyday routines.

Kosas TFO 3 5 Jessica 0598 2