Ron Shah

Ron Shah


Milestones: Milestones:

Internet & tech-focused growth investor

Co-founded Endgame Capital

Former M&A Analyst at Citigroup

Completing NYC Triathlon 2 times

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Ron Shah


Ron is focused on working with the founders of Stripes' software, technology and internet companies. He also contributes strategy and business development expertise to a broader group of our portfolio companies.

He is currently most actively involved with Stripes portfolio companies FullStory, Remitly, Sift, SPINS, HyperScience, Remine, GlobalWebIndex, Udemy, and Kareo. He was also involved with successfully realized investments in MyWebGrocer, Craftsy, Flatiron Health, Upwork and eMarketer.

"What I love most about Stripes is that we haven’t stopped questioning our assumptions or looking for better answers - We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence. They operate their companies in exactly the same way and know they have someone in their corner that will do everything in their power to see their vision realized."


Ron was born in Boston, grew up in Hawaii and now lives in Brooklyn with his wife, son and French bulldog Bamba. He enjoys running, racquetball, photography and film. An avid traveler, he’s visited over 45 countries, including studying in 3 while in college.


B.A. in Philosophy, Duke University, magna cum laude