We invest in amazing

Stripes invests globally in software and consumer companies with amazing products and helps them scale.

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We help you scale amazing

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Go-to-Market and Network Activation

Break into new markets or better own existing ones with strategic advice and key introductions.

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Talent and HR Best Practices

Build incredible teams and drive impact with recruiting and culture-building strategies.

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Supply Chain and Operations

Implement efficient workflows, practices, and technology for improved product delivery.

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Finance and Capital Markets

Access financing and introductions to the right partners to properly capitalize your business for scale.

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Stripes has been a great partner for us for many years & one we have leveraged quite a bit to help us grow and scale our business. Not only for today, but as we think of IPO & post IPO someone we can leverage and lean on as we go through all the different stages of growth.

Peter Mc Kay
Peter McKay
CEO - Snyk

We're going to have to be a multi-channel brand long-term. We're digital only today [but] Stripes has the experience and expertise [in omnichannel] and that's why this partnership has been so great.

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Eric Girouard
CEO, Founder - Brunt

There is a trust that they have established that I deeply value and when other entrepreneurs come to me and ask, Hey who should we talk to? Stripes is first on my list.

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Scott Voigt
CEO & Co-Founder - FullStory

They know how consumer products work and also have the digital DNA.

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David Alleman
Co-Founder - On